When thinking about locksmiths a person might think of a person, mostly a man, who existed in the nineteenth century going around creating locks for wooden doors. However, locksmiths exist in the 21st century, and they are as needed now as they were needed in the nineteenth century. I should know I needed a cheap locksmith once. I had just moved into my first apartment. It was a tiny studio apartment with hardwood floors and with three locks on the door. I had been at my apartment for a few weeks, when I came home from work and saw that somebody had tampered with one of the locks. They did not get in thank God, but you could see why I would be rattled. I decided to call a locksmith to get the locks changed.

The locksmith arrived an hour later. He was polite and professional. He checked the locks and told me something surprising that I did not need new locks. The locksmith said that the reason the person did not get in my apartment was because the locks were so good. What the locksmith said made sense to me. I paid the locksmith fifty dollars and said goodbye relieved that I had called him because he put my mind at ease. Here are the three things I got from my visit from the locksmith.

locksmithThe first thing I got is that locksmiths arrive pretty quickly. From the time I got home to the time I call the locksmith to when he arrived was no more than an hour; maybe not even that. Locksmith are usually called in an emergency and because of that are accommodating. They try to arrive as soon as possible. The second thing I learned from my visit from the locksmith is that there prices are reasonable. This may not be true of every locksmith you may encounter, but the one that came to my apartment only charged me fifty dollars. To me that amount was worth it to put my mind at ease and get everything checked out. The third thing I learned was that locksmiths are professionals. They are not just a person that plays around with locks. Locksmith are trained in their profession and what they do takes a certain amount of education. I mean if it was that simple to be a locksmith then everyone would do it.